ConQuip specializes in the design and production of various precision coating equipment

ConQuip was founded in 1994 and is headquartered near Sacramento, California.

ConQuip is a leader in manufacturing equipment for the membrane industry. After more than 20 years of technological innovation and accumulation, RO reverse osmosis membranes. Optical film, window film, solar backplane, lithium battery pole piece, composite material, membrane and other fields enjoy a very high reputation. So far, ConQuip's equipment is distributed throughout North America, Asia, Europe and South America.

     ACCUPRO, mainly producing airfloating ovens

The company is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA. It specializes in the design and development of airfloating ovens. The average life of all employees is about 25 years, which are the industry leaders in the US oven industry.

   TANN, mainly produces RTO exhaust gas treatment equipment

As a leading company in the air pollution control industry, TANN in United States has designed and manufactured an air pollution control system for 80 years.

TANN is headquartered in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA. Professionally provide exhaust gas control engineering design, manufacturing and technical services. Responding to the European branch in Essen, Germany, ATI Group provides international technology and experience resources for customers all over the world. Due to its excellent technical innovation ability and professional technical experience, TANN has already made a name for itself in the VOC volatile organic waste gas treatment system tailored for printing, coating, automotive, chemical, painting, coal mine gas power generation and other industries. At present we are working together to continue to write the legends of TANN and ATI Group in Asia.


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