RTO Case
As one of the three brands of ATI Group, TANN Taineng is a leading company in the air pollution control industry and has been designing and manufacturing air pollution control systems for 79 years. In 1990, TANN became the first company in North America to complete the installation of regenerative thermal oxidation equipment (RTO), and then successfully installed hundreds of devices worldwide.
TANN is headquartered in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, USA. Professionally provide exhaust gas control engineering design, manufacturing and technical services. The company's existing European division in Bochum (Western City), Germany, and the Asian branch in Wuxi, China, and can provide international technology and experience resources.
TANN has the superior expertise and experience to design, manufacture, install and maintain a wide range of environmental protection equipment, including VOC volatile organic waste gas treatment systems (heat-accumulating oxidation furnaces, regenerative thermal oxidation furnaces, direct-fired thermal oxidation furnaces, catalysis thermal oxidation furnace), heat/energy recovery system, and related air ducts, dampers, chimneys, combustion systems and others, are widely used in secondary coating processing, printing, automotive, paper, petrochemical and other industries.
What makes TANN unique is that all oxidation equipment, control systems, heat exchangers, exhaust fans, combustion chambers, etc. are completely tailored to the customer's application conditions. We strive to design the best performance equipment to meet our customers' needs for air pollution control. Most of our competitors manufacture standard products on the assembly line and cannot design and manufacture them in a targeted manner; TANN, from raw material procurement to equipment manufacturing, is controlled from the ground up, so it truly achieves customization.
We offer a complete turnkey solution for diversified industries. If you choose Wuxi ATI Group Technology Co., Ltd., you will get the most comprehensive solution.
The following are the actual cases of our RTO in different fields.
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