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Operation Principle

  • Ceramic heat accumulator
  • Internal insulation
  • Natural gas evolutionary system
  • Poppet valve
  • Hot bypass valve
  • Process tee
  • Heat exchanger
  • Control cabinet

RTO Technology

Guidance on the Application

Application Note

1.Thermal efficiency ≥95%, up to 97%; VOCs removal rate ≥ 98%;
2.Configurable capture chamber or multi-chamber configuration, the removal rate can reach more than 99%;
3.When the concentration of VOCs is around 2g/Nm3, the system energy is self-balancing with no natural gas consumed.
4.Use of high efficiency ceramic regenerator; the inner insulation is made of folded ceramic insulation cotton;
5.The triple stack disc poppet valve is used for air flow switching to reduce air leakage;
6.PLC controlled touch screen can realize remote control; Good system security
7.According to the concentration of VOCs and the heat demand of the working conditions, multiple forms of heat recovery can be used to carry out multi-stage heat exchange.

  • Two-chamber
  • Capture room
  • Three-chamber or multiple-chamber

Concentrator+RTO Technology

Guidance on the Application

Application Note

The VOCs are treated by zeolite runner adsorption. Concentrated and desorbed small air volume and high concentration of exhaust gas enters the small RTO incineration treatment.
Part of the residual heat of the treated exhaust gas is used to desorb the required energy. This process is suitable for applications with large air volume and ultra-low concentration.
Widely used in automotive coating, chip manufacturing, shipbuilding and coatings industries.

  • Application drawing

RTO Energy Recovery system

Guidance on the Application

Application Note

1.According to the concentration of VOCs and working conditions, different waste heat utilization temperatures are selected.
2.The thermal oil system includes a safety configuration such as an emergency cooling system and a dual pump assembly.
3.The TANN thermal energy utilization system can be integrated with the dryer. (ECO-dryer system)
4.According to customer needs, TANN can produce a return on investment calculation report.

  • Air heat exchanger
  • Conduction oil heat exchanger
  • Hot water heat exchanger
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Coil heat exchanger
  • Direct heat recovery
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