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1.Thermal efficiency ≥95%, up to 97%; VOCs removal rate ≥ 98%;
2.Configurable capture chamber or multi-chamber configuration, the removal rate can reach more than 99%;
3.When the concentration of VOCs is around 2g/Nm3, the system energy is self-balancing with no natural gas consumed;
4.Use of high efficiency ceramic regenerator; The inner insulation is made of folded ceramic insulation cotton;
5.The triple stack disc poppet valve is used for air flow switching to reduce air leakage;
6.PLC controlled touch screen can realize remote control; Good system security
7.According to the concentration of VOCs and the heat demand of the working conditions, multiple forms of heat recovery can be used to carry out multi-stage heat exchange.

Type of dryer

ATI's airfloating dryers are customized to customers' unique process requirements to safely and efficiently dry a variety of substrates, from light film (6-10um) to paper to metal foil with a thickness of 2.3 mm (13GA) and 18.3 kg/m2

Technological Advantage

Improved product quality
—— Stable substrate with no contact
The substrate is truly in a non-contact suspension state in the drying tunnel to prevent scratches and scratches.
The stability of the substrate is guaranteed at different wind speeds and tensions. The sinusoidal curve operation can effectively solve the wrinkling or curling phenomenon.
—— Efficient drying rate
All types of nozzles designed by ATI have excellent thermal energy conversion factors, which can dry the product at a lower air temperature and the temperature of the substrate out of the dryer, so as to save energy in an efficient way.
For special requirements of water-based or solvent-based coatings, optimized combination nozzles are available to meet different drying efficiencies.
—— Even drying
The lateral width temperature difference is guaranteed to be ±2℃ and can be as high as 1℃.
——Low tension
Compared with the roller dryer, the tension requirement is lower, and the tension of 1-2kg/m can be achieved, which effectively prevents the material from being broken during the production process.
——High cleanliness
With no need for conveyor belts and rollers, it is easier to clean inside and outside the dryer; Triple filtration, stainless steel, welding, sealing and other details effectively improve the cleanliness of the dryer to meet different cleaning requirements of customers, including the cleaning requirements of the medical industry.
—— Reduce energy consumption of the equipment
Double-sided heating greatly improves mass transfer, achieving higher vehicle speeds, shorter lengths and smaller footprints, effectively reducing unit costs.
The return air heat is transferred to compensate for the fresh air, achieving thermal energy recycling, and effectively reducing energy consumption.
Excellent processing technology guarantees the sealing of the box, minimizing the loss of heat energy from the fine parts. Our design ensures that the overall exterior temperature of the cabinet does not exceed 40℃ and temperature of the door and window sections does not exceed 60℃.

  • Air floating dryer
  • Roller dryer
  • Crawler dryer


ATI has a variety of different nozzle designs, including slit nozzles, air guides, airfoil, and porous rods.
Every year, we make changes according to the needs of the industry, innovatively research and develop high-efficiency nozzles for different products, such as a double slit nozzle for fast drying, a parallel air outlet nozzle for precise coating film in LCD TV, a precise low air volume slit nozzle combination for thermal adhesive products and more. As a company at the forefront of technology, innovation is always our tradition. We have the ability and the power to innovate, and therefore we can penetrate into many application areas in the industry and make success.
The choice of nozzles is based on different process variables, including solvent evaporation rate, substrate weight, tension, temperature sensitivity, coating characteristics, and the like. All of these characteristic variables necessarily form a unique drying or curing requirement for different air guides, fins, nozzles or porous rods or other forms of nozzles. Our expertise and R&D capabilities can ensure efficient, cost-effective solutions for different application objects.
The nozzles designed by ATI have efficient heat transfer efficiency, which means reduced dryer length and reduced operating costs.

Dryer Opening Mode

  • Opening type from top to bottom
  • Integrated
  • Clamshell opening type
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