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  • Reverse osmosis membrane
  • Photoelectric film
  • New energy
  • Composite material
  • Food, consumption packaging materials


Precision coating system
We can provide a variety of coating methods according to the characteristics of the coating liquid and the customer's process requirements, including extrusion (slope & slit), roll coating, dimples, spray coating, dip coating, air knife, scraper, etc., and double-sided coating technology can be provided according to special needs.

  • Three-roll coating
  • Five-roll coating
  • Dip coating
  • Dimple coating
  • Drop curtain coating
  • Comma blade coating
  • Comma transfer coating
  • Slit extrusion coating
  • Extrusion coating (vacuum)
  • Slope current coating



Capabilities/ Option Availability

Each unwinding or winding mechanism can be designed in a different structure. Whether it's a cantilever design for narrow substrates or a shaftless tower design for wide-format substrates or high-speed applications, ConQuip can provide the right winding and unwinding mechanism that meets customer requirements.
Most of our mechanisms are custom designed based on the technical parameters provided by our customers. We can renovate your existing winding and unwinding equipment, and use the productivity of the original supplier to increase the quality and performance of your equipment and save costs.
ConQuip has the ability and experience to provide a winding and unwinding mechanism with ultra-low tension requirements. Usually used to treat sensitive and delicate membranes.
Our winding and unwinding mechanism can handle tensions as low as 0.05 pli (0.9 kg/m) or 0.15 lb (0.068 kg) of total tension.
We also offer a variety of options, including automatic receipt of new rolls (seam joints, lap joints or advance receipt of materials).Non-stop roll change is also available.
Many devices have an optional multi-function shaft design that you can choose to unwind in one way and wind up in another way as needed, improving flexibility to the production line.

Vacuum Rolls

Vacuum adsorption roller utilizes holes and other special structural devices distributed on the roller body to extract vacuum through a vacuum pump, and a slit is formed by a small hole in the roller body to perform adsorption at a wrap angle of a specified angle.
Outer diameter is 150-650mm, length is 300-3000mm;
The adsorption width is divided into: Variable type, fixed type;
0.1mm stainless steel protection net on the roller surface has no scratches;
Vehicle speed: 0-250M/min。
Working principle:
The vacuum suction roller is connected to the vacuum pump and mounted on the equipment for a better position for traction.
The coated substrate is drawn forward by a certain vacuum attraction.

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